How do I create a myVOO account?

Your myVOO customer space is simple and clear. You can see the usage of all your services, you can subscribe to various services and options, and you can consult your invoices and your account.

To create your own myVOO account, perform the following steps:


Go to the myVOO website. Click "Sign up". This takes you to the Sign Up page.


On the Sign Up page you need to enter the following information:

  1. your e-mail address
  2. a password of your choice consisting of 4 letters and 4 digits (e.g. aaaa1111)
  3. your customer number
  4. your activation code

Select the check box to accept VOO's general terms and conditions and click "Create my account".


You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail. Check your e-mail, open the confirmation e-mail and click the activation link in the e-mail to activate your myVOO account.

You will receive a second e-mail to inform you that your account has been activated successfully.

You now have access to your customer space. We hope you enjoy visiting this space which is just for you.

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